How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile Settings & Tips

How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile Settings & Tips
How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile Settings & Tips

How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile Settings & Tips What’s up people hope you all are doing great we are back with another video on your favorite game pup g mobile but the info we provide can be applied to pretty much any multiplayer shooting game and if you are new here welcome to the channel be sure to

subscribe and follow us on instagram in a game like pubg mobile spotting anenemy before they spot you is really importanteven when they find you first being able to locate the enemy right after theyfire the first bullet can really save you from getting sent back to the lobbysometimes you have no visual information

available and you will have to locateyour enemy with the help of sound in this guide i will tell you how youcan use the information provided by the game to spot enemies and gain an unfairadvantage over others these puppy mobile settings and tipswill help you find enemies and get those you see killsif that sounds interesting then

let’s get straight into the videothese are the topics that we are going to touch upon in the videocontrast high pixel density proper graphic settingsmap awareness increased eye movement and direction of sound graphic settings pubg mobile has somereally good graphics but those high graphics come at the costof reduced frame rate especially if your device is not thathigh end if you want the best performanceyour

device can offer then i would suggest that you go for the smoothgraphics setting and select the highest frame rate thatyour device offers this doesn’t directly help with spottingenemies but high frame rate helps you detect motion easily which in turn makesspotting enemies easy more on this later the style should bekept movie because it has high contrast and itlooks good even in low quality the high

contrast is important to makeenemies appear lighter in darker environmentsand darker in a lighter environment you can increase the brightness in game foreven better results if you use smooth graphics then shadowswon’t be a problem for you but if you have selected any othergraphics then turn off the shadows and graphics settings because above smoothsettings shadows start to appear the reasonbehind this is that when the shadows are onour screen

provides a higher visual field and because of all this extradetailing our brain has to process a lot more informationthis often causes us to miss certain important pieces of informationwhich the game is offering us i would suggest smooth graphic settings but ifyou decide to go any higher to turn off the shadows it will help youa lot in spotting your enemies also try keeping anti-aliasing on yourbattery will train a little faster but anti-aliasing smoothens the

pixels onthe edges of objects and this makes spotting enemies easierhigher resolution screen will make it better as their pixel density is higher eye movements movement catches the eyethis is why moving targets are easier to detect as compared to stationary targetsand this is also why i suggest that you keep a high frame ratebecause then you will be able to detect very slight movementsit is most

helpful in last circles when everyone is lying in the grasswhenever there is an enemy on terrain he causes an hot spot at his locationand eye movement is a great way to detect the softness on the planebecause in a way you are moving a stationary target eye movement helps alot more than we realize and to understand how important eyemovement is take a look at this example the guy lying on the

grass was missedbecause the vision was focused at one pointthat is at the crosshair of the soap even a slight eye movement would havehelped in spotting the enemy and this would have been an easy killanother mistake which players make is tunnel visioningit’s when you keep moving without looking around basically keeping youreyes fixed towards the front of the playerbut enemies aren’t

going to come from the front only so you should keeplooking around yourself by using the free lip tool so that ifsomeone sneaks up from behind you can quickly react to it map awareness what i mean by mapawareness is that you need to be aware of what’s happening around youfor example if there is a popular city close to you or a supply drop near youthen you need to be cautious as most probably

enemies will be thereand you should keep an eye on that locationin the end circle buildings are the places where enemies usually hidealso you should avoid buildings since enemies will go there to hide or insearch of other enemies instead you should use the terrain asyou cover if the circle has four nearer pigs city then it is very likely thatsomeone will be coming from that side this way you can use the map to analyzeand predict certain things you’re not going to be

correct everytime but you will be aware of the possibilityand you’ll be less likely to be caught by surprise sound sound plays a very important rolein pubg the sound in pubg is directional innature so if you’ve been playing withoutheadphones then you are really at a disadvantagein the mobile version of pubg you do get markers

on minimap but they fail to givethe accurate location of enemies this is why you should take advantage ofthe sound different heights have different soundsso you can use it to figure out at which floor the enemy is atdifferent grenades have different sounds so you can tell which date is thrown atyou or when the enemy starts to cook an

and footsteps and vehicle sounds can be hurt from far away but markers only appear when they get close so if you rely on sound then not only you can hear the enemy coming but also figure out the direction and that was it for the video guys follow our page on Instagram stats we post some cool content every now and then also if you like the video do hit the like button share it with your friends and subscribe to show some support thanks for making it this far How to SPOT ENEMIES in PUBG Mobile Settings & Tips

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