PUBG M How to use obstacles and movement by #1 Ranker In The World

PUBG M How to use obstacles and movement by #1 Ranker In The World
PUBG M How to use obstacles and movement by #1 Ranker In The World

PUBG M How to use obstacles and movement by #1 Ranker In The World now, I knocked 3 of them this is how to get the last person. make sure not to thirst them because you cannot hear footsteps if you use obstacle with 3rd person view and jump shot. Look at me. Because I think I’ll win. One to four should not be afraid. Look at me and follow me.

Jumping shots confuse the enemy. I don’t want to get a single blow. This is how you do it. Because there is no energy. Here Can you see the jump? Hackers cannot respond. They’re confused and will start shooting. hahahahaha The enemy fire at a late time.

The enemy can’t kill me with good luck. I’m very concerned about timing. The enemy is on guard. Always think. The enemy is weak. Never lose. Obstacles are this important. A good position is a victory. This game is not an FPS. This is TPS. Use a point-in-time camera. I can hide and see the enemy. Do it like you turned on the ESP.

Can you see the enemy’s arm? make sure look around carefully The enemy is at the top of Korea. But for me, it’s just a toy. Because he stream sniper me all day. I saw his arm was out so pre fired while I was running you guys need to practice pre fire a lot it’s really helpful when you pushing enemies. Because I know when the enemy comes out.

Look, it’s coming out. Every position has timing. This is the timing. Now watch the entire video. This kind of work requires a lot of experience. And you should have a good sense of yourself. Don’t be a useless dancer. Just do what you need. make sure look around carefully Look at my screen. how to use drop shot properly!

enemy is one left side on this situation which is so disadvantageous. make sure put your aim on enemy perfectly and at the same time press prone button and shoot! this is call drop shot and if you act fast enough they cannot get you unless enemies are hacker First, you aim your AIM at the enemy. My AIM is accurate. You have to practice this. drop shot keeps the enemy from shooting me.

Unless he’s a prophet. Think of a good place to hide. The enemy is there. First of all, me killed one. I don’t know where the enemy is. But I think about it. And keep moving. But don’t go to dangerous places. Keep going through the obstacles. Drop shot is good when the enemy suddenly pops out. make sure put your aim on enemy Don’t pull. Just shoot it right. The first shot is the most important.

Because you can get aim assist a lot. Sound plays are very important. It is the most important thing for victory. You can’t look up if you lie down too low. when you are not sure about where enemies located.put some smokes around or behind you wherever you think they are. this is really helpful when you don’t have anything to cover yourself. how to use peak properly NEVER peak on left side! character we have in this

game they are all right hander so it’s better to peak on right not left. Left peak doesn’t look smooth compare to right peak and not faster than right peak. so always trying to peak on right side step back and shoot We need to know when the enemy dies. That way, I can take back steps with good timing. You have to be able to kill them just by listening to the sound. The enemy is at a disadvantage. im

Because I can go to the right. The pubg all have guns in their right hands. You can see faster if you go to the right. The enemy is supposed to come like a fool. If we use it this way, we’ll almost win. how to handle yourself vs ENEMIES (2,3 or 4) stay calm first. I got surrounded by enemies but i have wall on right front me. even if they throw grenade i will not get any damages because of wall. make sure where they go and rotate and be confident Throw me a fire.

But it does not come. The angle is beyond my reach. There’s one in front. Then they use sound to locate the enemy. keep moving around and switch your gun when its out of ammo to your secondary gun you have to knock at least one or two before you rushing into them and DON’T thirst them! I must kill the enemy before they come to me. So sound and vision are very important. Think whenever you die. Why did you die? If you know the reason, you can fix it.

That’ll reduce the mistake. this is bonus clip. its about stream sniper (with esp hack) who tried to get me on season 8. I already lost 2 of my teammates because these losers this clip literally shows you guys how to handle adverse situation. use obstacle and pre fire. Stream sniper name I hate Midas. There’s another one hiding. Hahahaha is laughable. can win by a score of one to four But it’s hard because I know where I am. Stream sniper name Midas Out. .

They are so pathetic. I achieved the No. 1 ranking in Korea four times. They are determined to disturb me. This is because KR/JP servers are frequently met because there are few users. To me, the dead are trying to get revenge. I killed an average of 300 people a day. There are 300 people who hate me a day. So I no longer use the KR/JP server.

I don’t want to be hated by the same Koreans. When I moved my server to ASIA, people who hated me disappeared. There are many social gatherings in Korea because it is small. We call them FUC* fraternity. They invested five hours a day in me for a month. It’s so pathetic. I will get my chair back which is #1 spot in Asia Squad Rank. Beware MIDAS is coming!

PUBG M How to use obstacles and movement by #1 Ranker In The World

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