Pubg Mobile TIPS TRICKS you MUST FOLLOW to PLAY BETTER Pubg Beginners Guide

Pubg Mobile TIPS TRICKS you MUST FOLLOW to PLAY BETTER Pubg Beginners Guide
Pubg Mobile TIPS TRICKS you MUST FOLLOW to PLAY BETTER Pubg Beginners Guide

Pubg Mobile TIPS TRICKS you MUST FOLLOW to PLAY BETTER Pubg Beginners Guide Hello my friend in today’s video I will share with you 25 base tips and tricks that will help you to play better! The first tip is: buy as good devices as you can! A better device will bring you more stable fps that is really important in shooting games like PUBG Mobile.

Better apply lowsettings but high FPS because this is more important in PUBG. The second oneis low your ping! Choose the best server for your country. 3 tip is alwaysused headphones. Buy as good headphones as you can afford. If you feel comfortableand get used to one do not change them. Buy the same pair again and again.Good sound is one of the most important things that

will improve your skillsimmediately. Tip 4 is control scheme . If you’re new to pubg mobilestart playing it with at least three finger claw, but I would recommend you donot waste your time for a 3 finger claw settings and use four finger clawwith gyroscope. In my opinion this is the best control scheme to play onmobile device. Tip 5 :

Use high sensitivity settings. That will make your movementssharper. You have to be fast in pubg, so spend your time to find the bestsettings for your device Play in the same position. Do you love toplay on a couch or do you prefer to play sitting at the table? Get used to oneposition and don’t change it. Play different game modes. If you just startplaying pubg, don’t play in classic matches. Better to start with TDM.

Thiswill help you to get used to control settings, sensitivity settings and toimprove your reactions. Spend first one or two weeks playing different modes. Learn the guns. Learn which gun is betterin what for. Some guns is good for a close-combat like UZI, Groza. Another oneis better for a long range fights. Learn which gun what used for.

Grips, stocks andmuzzle is also very important! So you must remember which one is better for different guns. Recoil control. Train your recoil control every day. I have a separate video about how I practice to control recoil.Please check it. Link is in description. Don’t use any sight on AKM. AKM do notneed red dot, holographic or 2x scope. Do not use any of them for a close buttle with AKM. Use best weapons combo I would recommend you always have m416 as a main weapon

Secondary weapons are: UZI, Vector, Groza for a close combat andSniper Riffles: Kar98k, M24, AWM and others for a long range fights. Alwayskeep m4 as a main but change secondary weapons to the end of the game. Choicedepends on the final circles. Choose what secondary weapon would be better foryour last zone. Pick up ammo, scopes, grips before you find what a gun thatyou’re looking for.

For example i’ll always pick up 5mm ammo, compensator and foregrip even if i have a pistol only, cause I’m planning to usethem on M4 later, when I find it. 5 Ammo instead of 7 mm ammo. Better touse weapons with 5 mm ammo because 5 ammo takes lessspace in your backpack. As you see, you can put 600 of 5 mm ammo and only428 of 7 mm ammo into level 1 backpack. Energy drinks instead of painkillers.

Take more energy drinks instead of painkillser. That will also save yourfree space ! 15 painkillers take the same amount of space as 37 energy drinks. 15painkillers will give you 900 boost. While with 37 drinks you can get over 1000 480boost. 16. Land first! Learn how to landfirst. To do that you must mark your landing location, then press jump in 750-800 meters and hold your joystick to Northwest.

Your speed must be 233-234 Do not aim at the floor Always keep your aim on the head markand be ready to shoot. do not aim at the floor. Try to predict what your enemy isplanning to do or where he is planning to show up and be ready by aiming atthat place. Take more grenades to the end of thegame. I had only one smoke at the end of this game. Zone also was not on my side.If I had at least one more

smoke or other grenade that could save me. Keepcar for the last circles. Always try to have a car for the last circles. Youcan use it as a Shield, Weapon, or as a high ground to spot snakes. If any of this pubg mobile tips and tricks is useful for youpress like so more people can watch this video. Find a gas can at the middle ofthe

game and keep it to the end. You never know what will happen next soit’s always good to have an extra gas can Radar I cannot even remember how many timesradar saved me. Always check your radar First time you probably wouldn’tunderstand it! But in a while you will get used to it it’s really helpful ! Do not stand still.

Always move while looting, healing up, or opening drops. Use smoke grenades. Use smoke when you heal up, open drops, loot crates, or revive your teammates Never forget to check the timer and the zone. Never give up! Always keep practice no matter what. Only practice and daily hard work will help you to become better. A bonus tip is subscribed to this channel. This was just basic tips and tricks and I have so much more to say! Also, write your tips and tricks in the comments section if you want them to

Pubg Mobile TIPS TRICKS you MUST FOLLOW to PLAY BETTER Pubg Beginners Guide

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