TOP 10 Tips & Tricks To Become a Pro From Noob PUBG Mobile

TOP 10 Tips & Tricks To Become a Pro From Noob PUBG Mobile
TOP 10 Tips & Tricks To Become a Pro From Noob PUBG Mobile

TOP 10 Tips & Tricks To Become a Pro From Noob PUBG Mobile, hello my friend today’s video is a little bit different from what I am used to but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway so press the like button take some tea and enjoy tip number one if you are new to pubg start practice from tum mode for me this is the

best place to starttdm will help you to improve your movementsfast aim and get used to control schemes tip number two talking about fastmovements and aiming reduce your joystick size this will helpyou to move faster also it will be harder for enemies toaim at you for fast aiming and better

recoilcontrol turn on the gyroscope being an iphone playeri’m using a gyroscope always on but if you are an ipad player i wouldrecommend you to use a gyroscope on scope onlybut it’s all on you find what fits you and practicetip number three practice makes you better being a youtuber i’m interestedin my videos being watched but

videos wouldn’t help you to improvereflexes only hard daily work will help you toplay better move faster aim better and get more kills in eachgame what videos can teach you is tacticswatch how other players move which weapons combos and attachments they usehow they choose

the best locations how they push enemieswhere they park their cars etc so the more you watch the more you learntry to remember some situations and copy them in your next gametip number four want to become better play soloclassic solo squad mode is the most intense and most interesting mode in myopinion

you can have fun playing with yourfriends but if your squad gets killed you have to be prepared to handle solotill the top one and the best way to grow your skills inpubg is playing solo squad for example i have been playing pubgsince season 8 that time me and my friend same noob asmyself we decided to push the tier and get acetitle duo squad and it was a real nightmare

season 9i spent playing solo squad landing hot drops only season 10 wasmuch easier for me and i got an ace title with kd over 10 playingonly with random squads and now in seasons 11 12 13 i got acetitle playing only solo squad landing only hot drops pushing squadsall the time and my kd is still over eightso what is my point don’t think about your stats if you want to become

betterin pubg if you want practice and push the tierat the same time just play on different servers one forrank push another for solo squad practice or just practice in a quick matchtip number five best weapons combo there is no one best weapons combo thatyou can use from the beginning to the end of the game and win each fighti would recommend you to change weapons depending on a

final circle locationsome locations like the pochinki or rozhok will bring you a lot of close rangefights so i would recommend you to take some more grenades and close-range fightweapons instead of sniper but if the final zone is in an open areayou should care more smokes and one sniper weapon here is my favorite weapons close rangegroza uzi m762 m249 mk14 auto modes12k middle range fights easy to

handle 4xand 6x scopes m416 aug dp28snipers awm m24 kar98k tip number six switch your armor autopickup doesn’t bring you the best armor for your protectionit wouldn’t pick up a little bit broken lvl 3 armor instead of your freshlvl 1. but even a broken lvl 3 helmet cansave you from an awm shot you have to always remember aboutthis and be careful while looting always switch your lvl 1 to lvl 3 armor even if it’s a little bit brokentip number seven close range

fights i’m sure this is not your first tips andtricks video and you already know about some close range fight tipsfor example you have to use pre-fire and start shooting before you get out ofcover start fire standing straight then crouchto disappoint your enemy you can go prone instead of crouch orcombine these both techniques after some practicenever stay without movement always move your joystick left and right but the main tip that i notice and whichno one talks about is

try to get behind your opponent usingall these common tips you can still get killedbut no one can kill you if you’ll shoot from behindso try to attack the way when you wouldn’t stay in front of your enemymove left and right to get position behind your enemy and shoot him in theback tip number eight is one of the main tipsaim like a pro let’s assume that you already found goodsensitivity settings that feed you but you are still dying too fast that’snot necessarily that everyone is using hacksmaybe there is a problem in your aim there are a

couplemethods that you should follow to improve your aim oneprediction try to predict where your opponent might appearyou can use sound for that or just put your crosshair to the next open areawhere you enemy might appear next second and start shooting there before he comesout to always keep your crosshair at headlevel three pre-aim your third person sense is muchhigher than scope sensitivity so first put your crosshair to theenemy’s head and then only open scope don’t try to aim with open scopeespecially at close range TOP 10 Tips & Tricks To Become a Pro From Noob PUBG Mobile

fights play more no scope to train your aim tofollow the enemy’s body this will make your aim much faster four remember about bullet trajectorybullets don’t go straight so you have to aim a little bit higherover the head of the enemy height depends on a weapon in a distancethe further the higher tip number nine learn on your mistakeseveryone is dying sometimes in pubg take it as a lesson try to remember whathave you done wrong what could you do to survive in this orthat situation record your game play and watch it toanalyze your mistakes watch videos and analyze yada uber’smistakes as

well everyone has good and bad days wheneverything goes wrong if you or your squad has a losing streakgo on break and try to analyze your game playafter a losing streak it would be better to close the game and play again thenext day with a fresh head so just don’t give up and move forwardtip number 10 watch different youtubers i would like you to watch my videos onlybut i also want you to become a better pubplayer so i recommend you to watch at least a couple youtube

channels everyone has a different gameplay style everyone has their pros and cons don’t copy anyone’s gaming style find only the best from each one and try to create your own style final tip subscribe to this channel I’m uploading solo squad videos every day I add commentary inside each video with more tips and tricks hopefully you’ll find something helpful in my videos and can copy some of my techniques into your gaming style to play better press bell so you’ll get notifications about next videos if you have any more main tips or any tips you want to share let’s discuss them in the comments section

TOP 10 Tips & Tricks To Become a Pro From Noob PUBG Mobile

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