Top 20 Tips & Tricks PUBG LITE Best Guide To Become A Pro Player PUBG PC Lite

Top 20 Tips & Tricks PUBG LITE Best Guide To Become A Pro Player PUBG PC Lite
Top 20 Tips & Tricks PUBG LITE Best Guide To Become A Pro Player PUBG PC Lite

Top 20 Tips & Tricks PUBG LITE Best Guide To Become A Pro Player PUBG PC Lite hello everyone this is BanglaWash here backwith another video today we are going to talk about some very important tips andtricks that everyone should and must know you may or may not know about thesetricks already depending upon your skill but if you think I missed something thateveryone should know then definitely

put that in the comment below and help thepub delight community also if you want some brief guide then check out my othervideos in the description I’m gonna go through with the all these tips veryquickly so without further ado let’s dive into this video jump from the planewhen you are around 1200 to 1100 meters away from your target and look straightup then when you’re almost 100 to 150 meters from your mark then dive bypressing shift that’s how you can reach your destination faster than anyone youcan control your

bike while you are in the sky by pressing ctrl + space you canalso move it left and right by pressing Q and E if you don’t want to playagainst the bots then do quick joint all the timemost of the time you will be able to play against real players we are sovulnerable when we loot the boxes of dead people to loot faster right-clickon one item and then drag the next item into your inventory by pressing leftclick I will show you slowly so that you guys can understand properly this is the

fastest way to loot try tolook this way in every game it will be easier for you to master this a vest ofany level has 50 space to your inventory even though everyone will take your vestI just wanted to let you know always remember a new level to vest is betterthan a damaged level 3 and a new level 1 vest is better than a damaged level 2vest so always pick up a

new vest over a higher level damaged vest use thehealing and grenade cycle to equip and use them faster to access grenade cyclepress and hold button G and to access the healing cycle press the button abovethe tab key or the left of number one key I don’t know what it’s calledbut if you press that then the healing cycle will show you can use any of theitems from the cycle by moving your

mouse you can also change the healingcycle to H because it’s next to that Z button there will help you to access thegrenades and healing item faster you can mark the enemy location by pressingalter and middle Mouse together you can change it to any suitable button that iseasier for you to access to change the quick marker go to the setting and thencontrol then you will find this quick marker option

it is above the sound tabchange it to any button you want I have changed it to metal Mouse always try to stay inside the zone mostof the time the zone shifts to the center and keeping your position therewill be a better choice cause then you will be able to move into the zonefaster always keep a vehicle with you when you are playing big maps likeArango or Miramar it will also help you to move into the zone early and you willbe able to use it as a cover in the last zones you can

change the red dot colorby pressing the page up and page down button while you were scoped in I likethis one you can also customize your crosshair color go to settings and thengame play here you can see the crosshair color you can change this to any coloryou want just change the RGB to any of the point you like I like this onebecause

it sticks out in all the environment I’m gonna press the play andclose that’s how you change it you can also see how much pink you’re getting goto settings and game play again turn your network debug statistics on nowwhen you are in a game you’ll be able to see how much ping you’re getting yourupload and download speed on the top left corner always crouch down whenyou’re shooting you can also pick left or right to make yourself a hardertarget to

shoot at you will be able to spray better as you’re crouched down andyour recoil will be lower you will also become a harder target to shoot sit on the same side with your teammatesif you are playing a duo or there are only one teammate left from the squadthat way both of you will get out of the vehiclefrom the same side this is very helpful if you are pushing any compound or youare being pushed by anyone try to stay as close as possible to the cover whenyou are running towards the

zone mostly in the last couple of circle that wayyou will be able to move to the cover when someone shooting at you this isliterally common sense but I’m just letting you know because most of thetime can’t forget that always take a little tree helmet even if it’s heavilydamaged and just have it 1 hp it will stop a bolt-action sniper bullet pressshift to zoom into your target if you don’t have any sight or if you have ared dot or a holographic sight you can also press shift if you want to makeyour short more precise when you are shooting with a

sniper when you are in the water you can press C to dive down in the water and if you want to move up to the water surface then you should press space if you pick left you will expose your body more then if you pick right that’s it guys thanks for watching this video your skills and knowledge is very crucial if you want to get the chicken dinner graphics sensitivity and other settings are also very important you can check out my other videos as well they are linked in the description subscribe and press the bell icon for more content you can also follow my Facebook page and join my discourse server they are also linked in the description that will be all for today

Top 20 Tips & Tricks PUBG LITE Best Guide To Become A Pro Player PUBG PC Lite

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