how to do car spray in pubg mobile pubg car spray tips moving car spray pubg Learn from pros

how to do car spray in pubg mobile pubg car spray tips moving car spray pubg Learn from pros
how to do car spray in pubg mobile pubg car spray tips moving car spray pubg Learn from pros

how to do car spray in pubg mobile pubg car spray tips moving car spray pubg Learn from pros hello guys welcome back to another video so this video is going to be on car spray on how to not your enemies down from moving car with your spray so I have seen a lot of videos regarding this where the focus was only on the distance that how much ahead you need to keep your aim from the car and do your aim tracing to knock enemies down

I even practiced a lot but trust me guys it didn’t work well because there is another key factor in car spray on which I have made this video with proper drills and examples So let’s begin without any bullsh** you need to focus on 3 factors for a good car spray first stage is height then distance then tracing now why am

I focusing so much on height?? for this see the example of Scout’s video in this case the car is coming straight at him and it is easy to spray on a car coming straight at you but I have taken this example to show so at what height he keeps his aim I’ll come to height later on but before that let’s see the second point which is distance which means how much ahead you need to keep your aim at various

distances don’t take it too seriously, just take a rough idea in ur mind now if car passes u by with full speed and its distance is between 20-50m then u need to aim here and for 50-100m, here and for 100-200m, here same distance ahead as it is between bonnet and driver now this is only for theory but it’s very tough in reality so how will you spray in reality? watch this now here, as soon as I saw the car

I crouch-peaked to minimize the recoil And tried to am on the car initially my spray went upwards, so I maintained height once I maintained height only then I tried to maintain distance Now my aim went here and there a bit and the car went here and there too and my shots connected them and see how easily both the enemies got knocked down now I’ll show you a similar example of Jonathan now the very

first thing he did was crouch-peak and tried to aim he tried to maintain distance, but it didn’t work then he tried to maintain height and moved his aim left-right the moment his first bullet connected, he knew exactly where to aim so he maintained the height and got a beautiful knock now hear the car was coming towards me from an angle and from a long distance so it was hard for me to know how much ahead should I aim So I adjusted Height and moved my aim and

see how the car automatically came into my line of fire and both the guys at the front and back took shots.. The guy at the front got low to 10-20 HP and the one at the back got knocked This clip is from a room but what I want to show u… Is I tried to maintain height and as soon as first bullet connected I knew exactly where to aim and see how easily I got the knock now see its implementation

in classic now here also I kept distance in mind and focused on height I maintained the height and my bullets started hitting if you notice the kill-feed, you will see that before the car blasted the guy got knocked with headshot here also I missed my aim initially but maintained height and moved my aim a little ahead and got the knock and when the car is very close just aim on the enemies themselves and focus on tracing I have also given Tracing drills later in the video

Guys believe me and focus on height during car spray The first time you knock the enemies your confidence will bloom so much that you will gradually we habitual of the aim on car guys if you are expecting that you’ll be able to knock enemies just by watching this then it won’t happen immediately you will have to do a lot of practice you all have to improve your aim tracing let me take u to training grounds for that although there are a lot of drills for aim tracing yet I’ll tell you the most crucial ones you have to spray on this mountain both

left to right and vice versa you will get to know about bullet lag when you practice it which is, how many bullets lag behind from your aim when u spray the more you practice the more you will know these drills are very basic that you absolutely have to master even snax talked about these drill when u master it, u have to increase your level spray in between the railings of this bridge both from left right and vice versa and with different scopes Make sure u absolutely practice

this practice both sides (left to right and right to left) After u practice this, increase your level aim on the heads of these targets and try to hit every single one of them both left to right and vice versa if you practice this with gyroscope then your aiming range will expand and you will be able to maintain stability with gyroscope you can practice this with thumb also but it will take a lot of practice

because your aim will get messed up a lot now these drills are a bit advanced when you practice unidirectional sprays, go for bidirectional ones trace this line from left to right and then from right to left try to do this in one single spray with as much accuracy as possible switch your scope after you practice with one you can practice this from different angles too you can do it wherever you find a straight horizontal line so if you liked the video then please share with your friends and please subscribe if you are new to this channel thank you so much

how to do car spray in pubg mobile pubg car spray tips moving car spray pubg Learn from pros

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