How to get Double Healing from Energy Drinks in PUBG Mobile

How to get Double Healing from Energy Drinks in PUBG Mobile
How to get Double Healing from Energy Drinks in PUBG Mobile

How to get Double Healing from Energy Drinks in PUBG Mobile There seems to be a lot of confusion even among advanced players on how boost items work I hear a lot of people say that energy drinks give you movement speed, but painkillers do not. That is not true. Energy items do not give you any benefits in and of themselves, rather they give you points towards your boost meter and your

boost meter gives you benefits. It’s important to think this way because if you don’t, you will get confused. There are very advanced websites out there that say things like, “Energy drinks will restore 23% of your health.” That is not true. If you use an energy drink well, it can heal up to 52% of your health. Here’s how the boost system works: when you use a boost item it gives you a percentage of your boost meter,

which diminishes over time. This meter consists of a total of five minutes. Energy drinks give you 40% of that meter, which is equal to two minutes. Painkillers will give you 60%, which is equal to three minutes; and the adrenaline syringe gives you a hundred percent, which covers the whole five minutes. You get different benefits based on how much boost you have in your boost meter. So using an

energy drink by itself actually only heals 22% of your health. But that is not the best way to use an energy drink. If you use the painkiller and then an energy drink, that same energy drink will heal 52% of your health and give you a movement speed bonus of either 2.5 or 6.2%, based on which bar you are on; and then, after two minutes (when your bar drops back down to 60%) you can use another energy drink to get another 52% of your health back and have another movement speed bonus.

So with this in mind, let me explain my strategy for using boost items. A lot of players will save up their boost items for the end, but then not end up using that many. The goal behind the strategy is to know when you have enough boost items to stay in the top to boost levels for the rest of the game. The way to do this is to take the chart that I show you in my video called “151 tips and tricks for pub G” that includes the times for the nine phases, and then calculate

how much time is left at the beginning of each round; and then calculating how many minutes of boost items you have so that you can start using them as soon as you have enough boosts to last the whole game. So for example, as soon as the six safe zone appears, there are only nine minutes left in the game. So if I have a painkiller and three energy drinks, which is really easy to get at this point, then I will pop the painkiller and one of those energy drinks right away, which immediately gives me that maximum boost. it doesn’t matter from full health or not

because I’m going to be able to keep my boosts really high for the rest of the game. After two minutes, when my boost level gets to sixty, I pop another energy drink to top me off and then after another two minutes, I do it again. Having these boosts this late in the game is amazing. I run faster, I don’t have to heal as much during a firefight, and I don’t have to worry as much about the radiation zone. Now I know that some of you might have done the math in your head to realize that

I won’t be able to keep the maximum boost for those last three minutes. In reality, most games don’t even make it to the ninth round. A lot of you probably didn’t even know that there was a three-minute delay before the ninth round began. I would guess that less than 1% of games make it to the last three minutes of this chart. So I recommend just calculating it exactly to make things easier.

Well, that’s it guys, this is just a small section of the bigger video that I’ve been working on called “151 tips and tricks for pub G”. The video has been taking me a really long time to do all the research and get all the footage, so I thought I’d give you guys a little sneak peek with this clip. If you are not subscribed and you want to see that video now is the time. I am new to pub G, but I plan to come in strong with this upcoming video. My hope is that it will be as epic as the time that I have spent making it. Alright guys. I’ll see you next time. How to get Double Healing from Energy Drinks in PUBG Mobile

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