How To Take Headshot in Pubg Learn Close Range From OR Mavi Pubg Close Range tips part 2

How To Take Headshot in Pubg Learn Close Range From OR Mavi Pubg Close Range tips part 2
How To Take Headshot in Pubg Learn Close Range From OR Mavi Pubg Close Range tips part 2

How To Take Headshot in Pubg Learn Close Range From OR Mavi Pubg Close Range tips part 2 Hello guys welcome back to another video So I made my previous video on close range and got great response And people told me that they improved a lot just after watching the video Because I talked about something that people hadn’t noticed for the past 13 seasons And they had been making those mistakes throughout

So if you haven’t seen it then kindly watch it first As this video is part 2 Where I’ll again talk about such things Which you wouldn’t have noticed till now And if you take 1v1 fights by keeping those things in mind Then you will win most of them Plz share with your friends if you like the video So let’s start without any chit-chatter If you have seen pro players like jonathan, mavi, scout, franky

Then you must’ve noticed one thing That whenever they take 1v1 fight and give jiggle movement They never move forward while doing so It’s due to 3 reasons First is because whenever you go left-right while jiggling Your gun stays exactly straight in your hand Which decreases the bullet spread and brings more stability in your shots. And the second reason is this it means if you go so close while fighting and

your enemy jump shot you then it will be very tough for you to survive And the 3rd reason is this Now observe that my initial shots connected But when I started moving forward See how I completely messed up my aim So if you come so close in such cases There will be 50-50 chances of you killing your enemy and vice versa To show how pro players take care of this I’ll show you the example of OR Mavi

Now did you notice anything else apart from his jiggle and aim on head?? Now see, He got enemy’s footsteps here He knows the enemy is about to come So he didn’t go too much forward, as he could get jump shot too And he could come too close too So he waited and see how stable his aim was So if you fight while maintaining some distance Your aim sticks to the enemies I know you won’t believe me, See for yourself then Notice how accurate my shots go when I maintain distance

while fighting And how less HP I lose in killing them. And how much HP I lose when I fight very close Here, as soon as I saw the enemy So I also know he’s coming. So I didn’t go ahead, I started moving backward. I waited for him with my crosshair. And as soon as he came, see how cleanly he got killed. So whenever you hear enemy approaching, just stay behind and wait with your crosshair. So that was a

bout the case when enemy is coming towards you] But This is TPP So you can ask me that ” We are playing TPP Gameā€¦ What should we do when we are rushing on an enemy taking hard TPP Behind a wall or a stone What to do then? So there is a very good trick against hard TPP PREFIRE!!!! Now prefire doesn’t mean that you see the enemy. You rush towards him and start firing beforehand. Prefire itself has a very good technique. Now my enemy is located here.

And if I move forward and he tries to kill me He has to come out atleast here. So if I know he’ll come here for sure. Then If i Keep my crosshair there and start firing beforehand. Then he’ll take guaranteed bullets. Now see that I kept my crosshair there and started prefiring and when he came out, he took a headshot and I won half of the fight already. See my crosshair’s position during prefire. So if you place your crosshair well and give prefire Then it becomes very effective.

Like here, I know my enemy’s location and he is about to come out So I kept my crosshair to the left and started prefiring. He got one headshot and died instantly. It’s not necessary to give prefire in these situations only. You can even give it in 1v1 fight. When you already know that the enemy is running towards you, then start prefiring Start firing as soon as you hear enemy’s footsteps Don’t just wait for him to come in front and start firing. This is a T2 custom clip where

I was alone and 2 people rushed from the front and behind. Here i spotted the enemy and immediately started firing 3 bullets connected immediately and I got the upper hand Now what if the enemy actually gives us jump shot in close range? To understand that, see this clip first His aim is completely on my head. And it becomes really hard if you get stuck in such situations. But still you can give a try If you time your crouch button or prone button well. Then your enemy will definitely miss his aim I’ll recommend

you to prone instead of crouching As your enemy will miss more shots that way. Even after this I’ll recommend you to fight while maintaining distance. Liked I talked about To avoid getting caught in such situations. And try to make most of the fights from your character’s right hand side As your character in Pubg is right handed And holds the gun in right hand. So the bullets are more stable on the right side.

Try this out yourself This wasn’t a very good tip that’s why I didn’t show examples But You will see the difference if you do this So I hope you liked the video and learnt something new from it too And hope that you will show the exact same love on this one too just like my previous ones. And if you are new to this channel, then kindly subscribe, like and plz share with your friends too. Thank you so much.

How To Take Headshot in Pubg Learn Close Range From OR Mavi Pubg

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