NEW RECORD 43 Kills Solo vs Squad Pubg Mobile

NEW RECORD 43 Kills Solo vs Squad Pubg Mobile
NEW RECORD 43 Kills Solo vs Squad Pubg Mobile

NEW RECORD 43 Kills Solo vs Squad Pubg Mobile it won’t look good, right? gets 40 kills and puts it on the screen, very handsome wait for me to kill more stop hiding, dude aw…he has a weapon he didn’t use his shotgun,

how unfortunate i want to get 40 kills and then i put my highest kill on the screen dude, why are you alone? i hate this kind of player the most solo mode someone will come to the warehouse and i will kill him knocked him out and he crawled away oh my god an UZI i’m not afraid of his rifle, i almost die UZI is scary ChangJian, did you slip your hand? thank you ChangJian for your 66 bottles wow…

ChanJia, i think you slipped your hand you must be slipped your hand the only person who can give me 66 bottles only JunYang and ChengGe 66 bottles very strong did you slip your hand? where is he? this game…i’m not sure but it’s possible, you know what i mean? it’s possible but i’m not sure about it i didn’t see you [thanks chat] [thanks chat] a little cutie i thought she was in the room so i switched to

FPP and i aimed at the window but she went outside there is a guy here what is this? oh…don’t tell me i can get many kills bot, my little friend, come here quickly you are wasting my time, this little brat i can get many kills two guys okay, it’s over, no looting time is money wherever the shot is, i will be there number of players drop quickly runs over a guy, okay? enters the building from the side

knocked one another one 27 kills, i got 27 kills now i need to loot now, dude 12 players left not in hurry, take it easy luckily, that’s a bot otherwise i will be dead he wanted to change the seat…oh he can’t get out here here here there are many cars here there are enemies on the hill one guy…two guys don’t get there this is a slope can you be

brave? stop hiding it’s still a knockout 40 kills, 40 kills 40 kills you’re mad second time in this season, waiting for the slap in the face one guy changes the seat, gets off the car, takes out Groza and shoots he is dead, 41 kills, you’re mad LaoBao did it again, 40 kills let’s welcome our big brother, ZhiZhi he doesn’t move 42 kills, one more to go one…more….to go, 43 kills away from keyboard wow…i fail to run over him and i almost die… that scared the sht out of me f*k

NEW RECORD 43 Kills Solo vs Squad Pubg Mobile

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