PUBG Crossbow Guide Tips & Tricks

PUBG Crossbow Guide Tips & Tricks
PUBG Crossbow Guide Tips & Tricks

PUBG Crossbow Guide Tips & Tricks what’s good everybody I’m blitz5 and today I’m gonna show you guys how to use the crossbow in pub G for the Xbox on the crossbow is an interesting weapon in this game because obviously if you’re going try hard and trying to win a chicken dinner at your best capacity you probably don’t want to pick up the crossbow or have this on

your personhowever the crossbow is a strong weapon to use in the game you have to look atit sort of like a single-shot sniper rifle because the individual bulletdamage is very powerful if someone is not wearing any armor at all this isgonna be a one-shot kill from anywhere from the lower stomach and above

withthe exception of this small area here where it does 99.5 damage but if youshoot them anywhere from the lower stomach and above head neck or shoulderareas this is going to be a one-shot killhowever this is where things get a little bit tricky once an enemy playerpicks up any sort of vest this is going to diminish the one-shot kill and you’regoing to have to aim at the head or neck region so as a general rule of thumb I’mgoing to say that that’s where you need to aim for a one-shot

kill because mostopponents are going to be wearing some kind of vest and then also the same kindof goes for a helmet the helmet is not going to protect them from a one-shotheadshot you can also hit them in a neck for a kill for a one-shot kill but ifthey are wearing a level-3 helmet you’re going to have to go straight for thehead this does protect the neck from being a one-shot kill so that’s the onlyplace you’re gonna be able to kill somebody if they’re wearing a level-3helmet and a vest is directly in the head so with that out of the way let’smove on to the

crossbow reticle and scope after making this guide this hasto be one of the easiest scopes to use that first I had no idea what was goingon with all these different dots but once I explained to see you guys you’llsee for yourself that this thing is incredibly easy to use and while itmight be tempting to want to use a scope with greater magnification because ofthe system they laid out in my opinion you’re gonna want to keep this scope onwhen shooting at any distance

first you have to keep in mind that the crossbowis zeroed in at 25 meters which is a very short distance and the drop offhere is probably greater than you think so the first thought you’re going to seethe top reticle is where the crossbow is going to hit if you’re shooting someoneat the 25 meter mark every dot after this is going to double that distanceso the second dot is where the crossbow is going to hit at 50 meters the thirddot which is significantly farther away is where the

crossbow is going to hit ata hundred metres so that’s double 50 and then the fourth and final dot all theway at the bottom there is where the crossbow is going to hit at 200 metersso if you ever forget just remember that each dot is double the previous one andthat you’re starting off at a zeroing distance of 25 meters unfortunatelyafter the 200 meter mark you are on your own here so if you’re going to try

andattempt to shoot somebody from a farther distance away say 300 or 400 meters myonly advice to you is to try to use this doubling system and the measurements viathe map to see how far they are away and make your best guesstimated shot or youcan just aim to the Stars and pray to the pub gee gods now I’m going toquickly go over the crossbow reload times and we’re going to start withoutthe

quiver first because this is normally how are you going to find thecrossbow I’m going to track this by shooting an arrow holding x2 reload andthen see how long it takes to shoot another crossbow so here’s the timerhere it takes 3.5 7 seconds to shoot reload and then shoot again and thennext I attach the quiver to the crossbow and ran the same test so we’re goingfrom holding x2 reload all the way to the point of shooting which took 2.73 6seconds and this saves you around about 1 second to be exact this is 0.8 e 3seconds and while that might not seem like a PUBG Crossbow Guide Tips & Tricks

lot this could be the differencebetween you getting off another round and killing the enemy or you dying andover the course of 5 rounds this actually saves you 4 seconds so is thequiver and make a break attachment I would say no but it obviously is helpfulin getting you to shoot off more rounds consecutively at a faster pace all rightand then lastly here I’m gonna try to give you guys some advice on how toshoot moving targets with the crossbow I don’t have an exact system here but Ithink I figured out something with the

reticle that you can kind of use to helpestimate your shots so at 25 and 50 meters which I’m shooting at right nowthe 50 meter mark all you have to do is kind of shoot directly on where thegreen dot is you’re pretty much fine at that distance when you move to

100meters you’re going to have to compensate for the distance and I notice here if you take the shot when the target is within the crosshairs that are pointing out to the left or right you should be fine and hitting the target you can kind of see me doing that here and then when we bump this up to 200meters this is where you really have to compensate for that distance and

thetarget should just be outside those crosshairs that are pointing to the leftand to the right so when the target is just approaching that crosshair youshoot and that should give you the ample amount of time for the crossbar totravel and hit that target

at that distance all right so I hope you guys enjoyed that video if you did or you got something useful out of it please consider leaving a like or subscribing to my channel really helps me out especially because these videos take a lot longer to produce than the regular ones and I’d like to

continue making videos like this and posting them to my page here for anybody that’s a new viewer I post weekly content onto youtube and I also stream live right here on YouTube every day Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard time I’m also on the mixer and twitch and I’m on most social media platforms at blitz

5which I’ll link down in the description box below we also have an x-box clubgoing where you can join we’re almost up to 100 members so I definitely recommend joining that you guys play on Xbox we got a discord all of that stuff so I hope to see you guys soon and as always thank you all for watching on blitz 5and peace out PUBG Crossbow Guide Tips & Tricks

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