PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Tips and Tricks Things Pro Players Should Know #1

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Tips and Tricks Things Pro Players Should Know #1
PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Tips and Tricks Things Pro Players Should Know #1

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Tips and Tricks Things Pro Players Should Know #1 Coucou everyone welcomes back is your host GV and I hope you having an amazing day. This is zombie more tips and tricks I hope you enjoy it let’s go If you didn’t know this is the amount of damage you will get if these big guys close next to you so always a stay away can be safe.

Always try to pick up as many things as possibledon’t worry about the capacity because we have upgraded backpacks for examplethis Level 1 backpacking can carry 700 items compared to the 300 that youcan only carry in classic mode Now here’s a really cool one and probablysomething you didn’t know if you’re stuck inside the Blue Zone you’re prettymuch safe from zombies because they will not spawn next to you until

you reachthe magic number of 200 metres away from the safe zone if you have enough medsand boost you can survive the whole night without the need to fight a single zombiejust remember 200 metres away because after that zombies will try to getyour tasty meat and if you watch my last video you probably already

knowthat zombies will die in the Blue Zone Developers were really careful to blocksome places where you can hide but don’t worry you don’t need these placesbecause I’m going to teach you a better strategysometimes when the zombie cannot see you it will automatically despawn in frontof your eyes and I will never recommend

you stay in the high ground like thisbecause of the Zombies that spit acid these annoying creatures are going to bereally hard to see and they’re going to start making a lot of damage. This is amistake I see a lot once you finish a fight don’t forget togo back and loot I noticed that zombies normally will drop ammo of the weaponsare you using so it’s most likely that you will find something really usefulback

there According to the official PUBG Mobile site thecombat knife deals 90 damage each hit and 225 if it’s a headshotso if you don’t want to waste your ammunition this is an excellent weaponthen you should always carry Sadly it will not be able to blockbullets but at least you can use it to pop the wheels of a vehicle contrary tothe

flamethrower that will not be able to do that also it will not be able toreduce the health of a vehicle but at least you can have a kumbaya campfirewith your friends and here’s really quick the best strategy to deal with thezombies the secret is that you only need to move back as simple as the majority ofthem will not be able to harm you when they attack also you will be able toreload your weapon

without any trouble this will work with almost every zombieexcept the ones who spit acid and the runners and yes it will also workagainst the big and nasty tyrant you need to be afraid anymore when he’srushing you now that you know this really simple technique and here’sanother cool one don’t forget to pick up the Zombie grenades once you get to thefinal circle throw them far from where you think the

enemy is and let your zombiepet find the last guy for you Big Shoutout to KibiNation because he helped merecord this video if you want more tips and tricks he will be uploading parttwo in his channel so check it out link in the description really cool guy withdaily content videos every now and then but fun custom rooms everyday

for example Michael Myers mode, zombie, death race and heist and if you want to see more of these tips and tricks in my channel don’t forget to Like share comment subscribe to support this series if you want more content in the channel and not only Mythbusters and as always thank you for watching and I will snipe you soon <3 PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Tips and Tricks Things Pro Players

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