PUBG Vikendi Quick Tips Episode 2

PUBG Vikendi Quick Tips Episode 2
PUBG Vikendi Quick Tips Episode 2

PUBG Vikendi Quick Tips Episode 2 Yep! Took the lot of em out. Instant chicken dinner! And guess who gave the winning team the advice to lookout for all them footprints? That’s right. Yours truly. What do you mean are footprints that important? In case you haven’t noticed, Vikendi has a chilly white blanket of “get yourself tracked and killed” laying on top of it all year-round.

Sure it’s pretty to look at, but fresh snowmay as well be a loaded gun pointed at your head. I even saw one Survivor track another to sometall grass he was laying in. Never would have found him otherwise. Hell of a detective, that one. Best advice I can give is to watch your step. You won’t leave footprints on grass, ice,and pavement, so avoid the snow

where possible and you won’t leave a trail. And that goes for vehicle tracks, too. It can take up to 10 minutes for Vikendi’swinds to blow away footprints and tracks but that’s plenty of time to find yourself insome trouble. All that said, if you know what to look for,you can use all that fluff to your advantage. Let’s say you come across a city that’sbeen looted.

No sign of movement. Looks to be all clear except for a coupleof bodies on the ground. Someone had to walk away from it, so lookaround and find the footprints leading away. Now you’ve got a starting point and a heck of a lot more information than you’d have on another Battleground. Remember: you’ll be facing other squadsdown there, so if you see one set of footprints in the snow, it might be worth having yourcrew branch out a bit

to see if you can find any more. Get a better idea of how many you’reup against. Make sure you’re looking up from time totime while tracking, too. Those footprints have to end somewhere andfor all you know you could be walking into a trap. Open fields aren’t so dangerous, but becareful when the trail leads to rocky or wooded areas. You don’t want to be caught with your nose in the snow when you run into the business end of an SMG.

One last thing: tracks are especially useful for going into the final circle. If you manage to spot any this late, there’s a good chance there’s a hostile body at the end of them. Knowing the position of your enemies in that last circle may as well be a free all-you-can-eat buffet at Horvat’s Chicken. Time to drop already? Well, no one ever accused me of saying too little. Remember to watch your step out there and, more importantly, watch everyone else’s. Get your chutes on and your squad ready to jump. Flightpath is sectors K-G to O-D.

PUBG Vikendi Quick Tips Episode 2

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