SMART GAMEPLAY GUIDE PUBG MOBILE uppercut sonic boom well hello there humans hippies earthlings whoever you are wherever   you are whatever you’re doing and if you’re lucky enough indeed to be doing it too welcome back to channel I’m babushka and today pubgban.xyhttp://pubgban.xy

talking about smart gameplay this is a smart   gameplay guide for pubg mobile and the reason i want to make this video is because there’s a whole   lot of 200 iq claptrap out there click bait titles that don’t really give you any real insight into   the game or help you get better we want to look at the best practices the habits that you can put   in your own game play to turn you into a better player win more chicken dinners win more

gunfights   and just generally enjoy the game more and today i’m going to show you some situations and   some little things that will maybe make you think differently about the focus and approach you take   to tough times now this is mr weidra and i we’ve just dropped down here there’s a bloke at school   who’s dropped aggressively with us he saw us as a duo coming in and he’s still stuck to   his guns and came down so we know he wants to have a bit of a gunfight we’re


happy with that   mr witcher has an m16 this bloke’s got an ak the result was never in doubt now what i’m going to do   is take the tendencies of most players which is over aggression most players universally are   either far too aggressive or far too passive there are either snakes in the grass or just   absolutely balls out running down the corridor doing nothing sensible and i’m going to expect   him to push as i go inside to revive my teammate so i wait i’m just waiting here  

and he’s a very easy straight out early game no vest no helmet nothing   very easy kill with a tommy gun and then i go and revive my teammate now there’s two things going   on here obviously i’ve been playing since season one there’s a lot of this stuff that’s ingrained   in my gameplay and the reason it’s ingrained is because i’ve done it wrong so many bloody times   now i don’t particularly care about ranking anymore it’s just a very very boring aspect   of the game i will drop for fun situations and to run odd loadouts but if you want to drop hot   you need to have some semblance of this kind of gameplay in your back pocket now i’ve just fired   there’s a bloke i’ve been fighting on the other side he now knows exactly where i am   and i’m anticipating him

pushing up on my position here so i’m going to do what i like to call a land   mine grenade where i’m just going to drop it in front of where i expect him to appear   and voila we get the kill now this next clip is going to look pretty weird if   i i mean it’s nothing special is going to happen here but there’s a couple of   things going on that i really want you to to think about one of them is i’m on air angle uh   which is pretty cool uh it’s it looks gorgeous with the new aerial 2.0 update   and it is fantastic and that was a bot why is bushka showing me him killing a bot like  

there was a bot in the last clip but you know we didn’t really talk about that that was just   a bot running through the first time and there’s a bloke that seemingly out of nowhere i’ve killed   i’m going to run over and kill another bloke and it’s like repair this is just such a bog standard   ordinary clip but it’s not because what’s going on here is you are taking in the info that the   game is giving you and you are turning it into an absolutely devastating uh bit of intelligence that   you can take to win the game that sounds like a vast overstatement looking at that

clip there’s   nothing special happening there but i want you to watch i saw a bot running around up here okay   i left the bot go why did i let the bot just keep running around because i strongly suspected when i   rolled in here my vehicle’s just next to me that there was another person up there and that bot   started shooting at someone that was lying in the grass now this is important because erin gill  

is renowned for these kind of players these super passive players i remember before i was talking   about this super passive super aggressive players you want to be somewhere in between and that guy   has now jumped out of his grass panicked and left and we’ve got the clear while that was happening   you see that m24 that m24 shot went off and that killed the guy that was on the hill opposite   and the game showed me that and there it goes like he’s knocked him killed him whatever   the game showed me that so i now know that there’s a guy over here with an m24 and he’s   probably going to be

moving towards the area where he just killed that person to loot the box   and then we get that clear this is so important i want you to really listen to this the map and the   game is giving you info constantly footsteps uh shell direction bots turning up and dying   boxes uh abandoned vehicles that aren’t on respawn points you know when you run through a building   and there’s no five five six or 762 left on the floor these are the kind of things that   tell you about activity that

point you towards where people are now this is a contested area at   school this guy is in a very good very defensible position what i’m going to do here is actually   force him into a really big error he’s not sure where everyone is so i’m going to chuck grenz up   and then i’m going to force him to come down and then i’m going to wait for him to come through the over aggressive play was to push into a third-person situation where he can see me   the smart play is actually to force

him to come into a situation where i can see him and he can’t   see me and that’s what you do by running grins running whatever now this is actual gameplay   hard high stakes pressure gameplay and i want to talk you through what’s going on here we’ve got   a pincer going on there is someone behind us and there is someone in front of us and the circle   is very very short now there are three squads of two left mr weidra and i are inside the circle but   we’re by no means in the best situation because we can’t engage the guys that are going to push us  

uh to our south without exposing ourselves to the guys who are lower down on the north   and this is a really frustrating thing and what you will see me do in a certain part of this video   you start to go forward for the wild push and actually stop and go back and wait and that is   that is playing smarter not harder and that really is the ethos we’re trying to get across that’s the   thing we want to talk about in our gameplay now you might be an incredible player you might be   so gifted with your hand-eye coordination that you can do whatever you want to

do and that’s fine   i’m not i have to work by the numbers to get the job done and i can have my occasional moments   where everything comes off and that’s good but it’s not something you can rely on and you can   see there i moved back because look at the circle the circle’s coming in it’s forcing these guys to   move as it got caught out slightly and now i’m in a situation where the guy has to come into me   i’m behind cover and i’m hopeful of getting up to get a revive on my teammate the problem is   that there’s still one of these guys left alive and he has

become exactly what we   talked about before a player that’s playing far too passively he’s outside the circle and he’s gone and he’s cleared my mate and that is just terrible because that’s now meant i have   no one else to fight for like you’ve got to be really careful about who you shoot and when you   shoot them and i’m actually

impressed that this guy gets back into the game   and i leave him i just leave him there i look at the circle and i think the worst thing i can do   is get stuck up here outside the circle fighting against this guy and then end up giving the duo   that’s downstairs at the bottom of the cliff here inside the circle who you know it’s gone to um   the game they basically get the game if we die up here fighting those guys get the game   and if that guy hadn’t have cleared mr weija there would have been a wonderful opportunity for him   to

leverage that knock and me trying to get the knock up because of course i’m gonna get   my buddy up that’s all there is to it uh into a clear and then he could get down here as it is   we’re playing smarter not harder i can’t deal with him right now the number one priority   to win the game is to stay alive and that means i’ve got to get in the final circle   i don’t want to be taking an engagement in the blue this late and look there you go   now that means that we’ve got to actually do something a little bit tough like drive into a duo   but they weren’t

prepped for that and that was fine by me that means that i’m actually still   alive two left so it’s a 1v1 v1 i am so surprised that the guy up the top gets back into this   i was certain that he would not get down that hill inside the blue in time but he gets it done   and here we go this is uh something i would like to point out if you’re watching this and   you want to know how to spot snakes and things a good a good tip is i’ve done a video on this how   to spot targets more clearly and i’m not going to go through it here but there is some things  

you can do that will allow you to or train your eye to actually spot the differences in the grass   and the little bits of color discoloration or the the heavier black behind shadows   uh when you’re not even looking for it you kind of want to do it out of the corner of your eye   there’s a video that i’ve put up on a playlist right here if you want to go check that out please   do there you go just click the click the link uh also if you can remember to like and subscribe   to these videos that would be pretty lovely uh and god i just come back from like about three  

weeks off when i shot this video and my long game was really not good also see how i’m not   running um in a sec i’m not gonna run up to the top of the hill and then over the crest there’s some great aphorisms you can use like you can’t win the game at the start you can   only lose it and i i feel like when you get to final circles like this where there are two   other players and they are completely prone and crawling that you exposing yourself and running   over the top of the hill is just gonna lose you the game like the the odds of you clearing   them both while SMART GAMEPLAY GUIDE PUBG MOBILE

upright and visible are not great now that first smoke that i threw was   a smarter not harder play it’s a it’s a fake smoke just to give one of the guys   who i know was running in there that i missed with the car 90 okay a little bit of a look i   saw something just over there just a different color on the edge of the grass that’s cool and   you’re gonna say grains are gonna start flowing in here as well there we go get a head shot and you’ll note these things like this is this is the kind of gameplay that you get with experience   and if the quicker you SMART GAMEPLAY GUIDE PUBG MOBILE

can get to this kind of level with your game play the better off   you’ll be in terms of winning and losing these games sometimes going prone in the grass is the   best idea i don’t do it i never do it on general principle i mean i’m not kidding like i’ll lie   down after getting hit that’s cool and then hit a heel but i won’t go crawling around in the grass   doing that like i did don’t get me wrong everyone does it i just find it to be kind of cheap and   gimmicky and i like to out think things and have a bit of a challenge so throwing some more smokes  

again this is uh not a mistake those smokes are thrown in a very very real pattern there   to create kind of corridors for me to move down so if the guy does move up on   top of that ridge line i can still get an angle over here and look to my left um but   there’s nowhere left for him to be i’ve got a really good view and i’m thinking he’s got   SMART GAMEPLAY GUIDE PUBG MOBILE

to be in there right there he is just below the bush i was actually thinking he was in the bush   and there’s your winner chicken dinner thanks so much guys for watching uh   look after yourself stay safe for the battlefield please remember to like and subscribe it would   help me tremendously um and just hang around we’ve got a lot of stuff coming down the pike we’ve got   some payload 2.0 contests uh all kinds of things love your work and until SMART GAMEPLAY GUIDE PUBG MOBILE

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