TRIK PRO vs NOOB PUBG MOBILE INDONESIA Hi everyone back with data Tanjung In this video, we will tell you something very interesting about the mobile pub game That is, 5 pro pubg mobile tips that are very rarely known by many people though this is very useful for you to play

Now these 5 tips are for serious and there are those who make fun funny just with your friends Before entering worship, I want to remind you again of you Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe so that this channel provides benefits and entertainment to many people rather than linger let’s just tell, let’s go Here are five tips that are rarely

known to many people even though they are very useful at pubg mobile Remove smoke Now for this fifth tip we can eliminate smoke from the smoke bombs that we have thrown So on this tips we can use it for fun or funny just with your friend Well these tips are perfect if you like to squeeze your squad friends These tips are authentic, not edited You can see for yourself on the video, on top left corner

there must be time, right that’s why watch this video until it’s finished so you know how runs without any step noise For these tips Very few people know even though it’s very useful Now on these tips we can walk without sounding step But it doesn’t have any sound at all but the sound becomes much smaller compared to normal walking For these tips we must walk down while holding the pot, so that

our steps don’t sound For how you can see directly on the video Actually, these tips, surely you are between believing and not believing if the sound level is small surely you think the sound of the video is reduced Well for these tips I am not lying at all if you do not believe please just try it certainly can, 1000% Tips Change the Sniper Bold scope to scope x30 Now on these tips, actually BUGS So these tips can change the scope of the sniper scope like scope x30 Now if you look at

the video you can definitely compare it between scope x8 with the scope used by AWM weapons It must be very different, right I explained how to do these tips in the previous video Later I give the link in the top right corner. Pro tips on using bomb smoke Now on these tips it’s very rarely used even though it’s very good if you’re cornered or want to review your friend So on this tip you don’t need to throw the smoke bomb because if you want the smoke to rise near you you just press the throw button and hold it until the smoke bomb explodes

What is certain in this tip you don’t have to bother throwing bombs while moving Because if the smoke bomb is not anything it explodes in the hand But these tips don’t try to try on molotov bombs and grenade and grenade bomb If you do that surely you will die later Double pan shield Now on these tips there are quite a lot of people know, especially the pro players who often play in the tournament

So on this tip, we can use a pan and DP-98 as a bullet shield Surely you guys don’t think just a pan that can block the bullet right of course not the DP weapon can also be a bullet shield Especially the bold sniper bullets You must be often right, seeing pro players in tournaments that use DP weapons Now the use of one of these can block the sniper sniper bold bullet Moreover, DP-98 weapons are also good to use for spray So it’s more complete Oh yeah, besides

DP weapons there are more weapons that can have a dish Namely Thompson But if I don’t know it can or not block bullets, Maybe friends who have tried can comment below, friend, all Now in this last video, there is voice all to be rather funny listen, it must be funny firing the pan again bro, stop by my channel, deta tanjung stop by my channel, deta tanjung I’ll make a video later thanks bro

Now what do you think about it 5 tips that I have told you about this If you have other tips please let me know below, comment ya, sob or can contact me, maybe I can make the video it’s time for a comment session and for this video the comment I uploaded and selected was this comment Thank you for commenting “Dirga” “

You are still single or not”, this is a scary comment, bro for me the answer was I’m still single, bro And for this second thanks “Teja” who has commented my girlfriend wants to be proposed with dowry flare gun it’s okay, bro if you apply for, it will immediately become trending, bro Now that’s the selected comment

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