Best 5 Finger Claw Guide PUBG MOBILE

Best 5 Finger Claw Guide PUBG MOBILE
Best 5 Finger Claw Guide PUBG MOBILE

Best 5 Finger Claw Guide PUBG MOBILE fearless Want to play better? Tired of getting low KDA? In this video, I will be talking about these topics. 1. How to hold your phone as well as finger placements. 2. Basics on how to use a 5-finger claw setup. 3. How to move faster while shooting. 4.

How to improve close range fights. 5. Best drill to improve your reactiontime. And finally, I will be sharing a bonus tip that will bring your skills tothe next level. Watch till the end to find out more. How to hold your phone with five fingers? On my left, both my pinky finger and ringfinger goes behind my phone. On my right, my pinky finger, ring finger,as well as my middle finger, goes behind my phone.

This provides me with a good grip. Now, for the finger placements. For your left hand, bend your middle finger to shoot and crouch or prone withyour index finger. For your right hand, aim with your indexfinger and peek with your thumb By pressing both fingers simultaneously, you will be able to aim and peak at the same time. Basics on how to use five finger clawsetup. I use hold option for the scope. Whenever I hold my scope, my scope opens. I also use hold option for peaking.

Remember to disable peak and open scopeas it allows you to perform more tricks. By holding down both the scope and peak, I am able to aim and peak at the same time. Not only that, I am able to control myrecoil with the help of the gyroscope. Here’s a tip. Take advantage of crouch bycrouching whenever you shoot at a target Here, I am crouching whenever I shoot atarget. This will increase your accuracy. Always move left and right while moving, as it makes it harder for enemies

to hityou. I will be talking more about this later How to move faster while shooting? While shooting at a target, move left and right quickly so enemieshave a harder time hitting you. You may not seem like you are movingfast, but your enemies will see you move really fast. Here is a clip from an enemy’s perspective. As you can see, the enemysees me moving really fast. Incorporate crouch

while you areshooting. You should also change targets while crouching. And while doing this, combine the left and right movement. This makes it even harder for enemies to hit you. If the target is further away, scope in and continue moving left and right. How to improve close range fights? Are you always dying to enemies in close range fights? These drills will make you love close range fights. By crouch shooting

at close range moving targets, you will get better and accurate movements Like I said earlier, you should move left and right simultaneously while crouch shooting or standing still. It doesn’t matter when or where, youshould always move left and right as it makes it harder for enemies to hit you. The next drill is jump shooting. This drill is extremely important in close range fights and you should practicewith

moving targets like this. This helps you to get more accurate whenyou jump and shoot moving targets which happens a lot when you get into a close range fight. Also, this is more effective than crouchshooting. I use gyroscope to aim and you shouldtoo. It is more accurate once you get used to the gyroscope. Remember to practice this everyday. Now, this trick is used to surprise yourenemies. There are three different ways to do it. The first way is to surprise your enemy by jump firing,

followed by crouch firing. Enter by jumping, then crouch. Now, the second way is to prone insteadof crouching. Jump and prone. This is gonna surpriseyour enemies. Now that you got both of these drillsdown, combine them to achieve this. First, you will need to jump, crouch and prone. Enter by jumping, then crouch, then prone. Best drill to improve your reaction time. This is a peaking drill that is crucial if you want to have faster reaction. Depending on the

type of cover you have, you will have to perform the necessarypeaking drills that are best suited for them. To learn how to peek, you will first need to find a cover. Next, get to know the enemy’s positionand keep your crosshair on your target. Once you are ready, stand scope into yourtarget and start shooting. After a few seconds, stop shooting, crouch and get back to your position. It should look like this.

Practice this until you are able to doit very fast. Once you are comfortable with this, youcan start doing peak instead. You should shoot for only 2 to 3seconds to prevent yourself from being killed if the enemy has a fasterreaction than you. As promised this is the bonus tip. This drill is based on the flash gun, and it is more advanced and requires much more practice. Once you are comfortable

with the flashgun, you will want to practice this advanced flash gun. To do this, you have to crouch whileholding peak and keep your crosshair on your target. Now stand and change your peak from right to left and scope into your targetand start shooting. Next, release the scope and change yourpeak from left to right and crouch back to your position. This should be your final result. Don’t forget to move left and right. Practice this to achieve fast speed. Holding peak while

crouching under cover prevents enemies from spotting you. As you can see, I practice this every day to achieve this speed. Changing your peak direction will also confuse your enemy as they are expecting you to peak normally. As always, left and right movements are very important. Practice this every day and you will see results.

I am not perfect so it will need a lot of practice to perfect this. I hope you have learned a few tips and tricks. Perform these drills every day and you will see your gameplay improve drastically. Best 5 Finger Claw Guide PUBG MOBILE

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