Indians and PUBG MOBILE The Timeliners

Indians and PUBG MOBILE The Timeliners
Indians and PUBG MOBILE The Timeliners

Indians and PUBG MOBILE The Timeliners Guys, everything is ready right? Come any emergency, the code word is Red. Hands can get cramps. Keep a gel for sprains. Let’s keep masks for safety. Packed the energy drinks? The journey is going to be tough. Keep first aid too. Everyone pack your power banks too.

I won’t share. Boom! Kill him! Kill him! Shower the bullets on him. Go for it! Guys! Ket’s go to Squad house? We’ll get the Flair Gun. Wait, wait! I have it. I’ve got the health kit too. What all do you keep picking? I’ve not even seen you kill one person. Let’s go to Josh Paul, we’ll pick the container from there. Wait! I have a 4X, anyone wants it?

I even have 5.56, that someone will definitely want right? Goggle? Gas mask? Anything? Take something people! I’ve got everything! Borrow something? 3 for 10, 3 for 10, 3 for 10, The Gun Seller is here! 4X 5.56 No stick pan, I’ve got everything madam. What is up with this guy! Concentrate on the game, no? What will you do with so many health kits? Buddy.. Give me one health kit, please? 17 minutes! These 17 minutes that Rangel has granted you. Even god cannot take

them away from you. Sir.. Air drop. Air drop is the god. Shut up! Just Hush.. Auric! You used to make Tik Tok videos for your girlfriend, am I right? Huh? And she left you for that Counter Strike guy Rajesh. Hmm? But let me make one thing clear, Auric. If you win this trophy. If.. you win this trophy! Then any girl in this world can become your trophy girlfriend. Huh? Am I clear boys? Yes sir! I said am I clear boys? Sir,

yes sir! Come on 1.. 2.. 3.. Eeeeā€¦.. Sir! Just a second 17 minutes Sir it’s it’s already done before Oh! It’s okay. So boys. These are the star performers of PUBG Coaching and Oppo PUBG Tournament Winners. Revenge eSports Come on give them a big hand. Give them a big hand. Come on! Let’s begin your final training with them. Come on! Hmm? Hmm? Chak De! Auric! I won’t let you give up. No! Huh? Here! Use my phone. Oppo A9 2020 That’s right! This one is best for gaming. Snapdragon 665 and 1 GB RAMM Which means game does not hang. And Game Boost 2.0

means a smooth experience and no distractions. Exactly! But sir what about battery drain? 5000 mAh Don’t worry about these things and.. concentrate on the game. Right? No! Come on boys, everybody! Let’s not lose hope. Who the hell is this? Either you sit on a Windows 98 and play Minesweeper or fire some bullets here. You’re Simar speaking? Yes, got your dad’s name? Now fire bro. You’ll get me killed? Is your Power point presentation ready? Okay! That is why you opted for ‘Work from Home’. Work.. from home.. Who.. who’s there? Is it you boss? Yes! And you are fired! boss! I’m so sorry, so sorry! It’s not like that. I’m just here for some time. I’m so sorry! Hello boss? You.. Boss, you know he does this in office all the time. No.. boss they’re lying.

They are jealous of me, nothing more! Boss he was flirting with Mithila! Hello boss. No! Don’t listen to them! Stop it guys! What are you doing? When your wife came to the office, you know what he said? Boss. Hello.. hello? He said that Shit! Yeah, I’ll revive you. Where are we going? Wherever you say. We have to be together for the rest of lives. Sit in the car. Leave the car. You come directly to my place only. But the house only has a flair gun. Even our relationship needs some flair. Come quick. Please try to understand. There are some enemies around. Ah! Shoo away your old man from the room then! Let me give him a shot. Yes dad? Mind your language. Sorry papa. Listen, you there? Sweetheart! Hello? To hell with your sweetheart! Now revive yourself! Red zone is approaching. Run! Run! Grenade! Grenade! Grenade! Grenade! Grenade! Go according to the map. Sure! Take a right. Sure, sure. Take a left. Indians and PUBG MOBILE The Timeliners

Hand me a first aid. Uhm.. I don’t keep a first aid wth me. But I will drop you to your location. Please rate me well, brother. Yeah go straight, go straight. Sure brother! Mark is approaching, keep moving. Okay, take a right. Yes, yes! Keep moving. We’re going to reach. Yeah stop, stop. We’ve reached! Reached bro! Here you go. Thank you brother. And remaining 1900 rupees? 1900 rupees? Yeah? Where did you bring me? Hey listen! Can you see that guy the one in black suit. Yeah, the one with red tie. The one in black sunglasses. I feel he is carrying a gun so be cautious. He is looking somewhere. Yeah, right now! Peek from the terrace and take him down with a head shot. Now! Now, now, now,

now! Take him down! Bro I’m innocent, I’ve got orders from my bosses. You keep my gun, keep it. Hey! Who are you? Papa. Hello? Listen! Did you get the passbook updated? Ya dad, I get the updates on my phone. I’m working on an important office project, can I call you later? Okay, bye! Oh man! Dad! Yeah dad? Ahuja aunty has sent her daughter’s picture. Liked it? Yeah, I really liked it. Tell the girl’s family it’s a yes from my side. Okay? Oh man, it’s dad again! Yes, dad? There is this new movie in the theaters. Joker How is it? But you’ll watch Dabangg 3 anyway. I’ll talk to you when I get home. Hmm? I’m not going to pick his call! Hey uncle! Why isn’t your son picking your call? If we don’t get the ransom beware then!

Indians and PUBG MOBILE The Timeliners

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